Hello. I wrote a new guide for installing hacks (SSH, jailbreak, native applications, etc). Here is the detail.

Step 1. I used this tool to by-pass the AT&T Activation, extract it and open the ‘iPhoneAct Installer v0.4′ folder. Put them onto desktop and run it. Everything goes fine.

By-pass AT&T activation

Step 2. I tried to jailbreak using the old version but not successful. I wanna to see the endless loop problem, but I can’t make it. LOL!

Error when using old jailbreak tool

Than, it’s time to install those great hacks.

Step 3. Download iNdependence 1.1.1. The new version will work with iTunes 7.4.1. I choose to ‘perform jailbreak’ and follow the on-screen instructions. That’s easy.

Perform Jailbreak under iNdependence 1.1.1

Step 4. The iPhone was turned into text mode which looks like it will go for endless reboot. But it is not. Don’t worry and don’t stop anything. It will be okay after all. Just wait.

Jailbreaking iPhone. Don’t stop anything until it said it is finished.

Step 5. Now, install the SSH by clicking the button in SSH tab. Than, choose ‘change password’ to enter a new password for accessing SSH server of iPhone.

Changing SSH password.

Step 6. I have also chose to ‘customize’ and add new ringtones. It works perfectly after sending the ringtones that is m4a format.

Step 7. It is easy to convert mp3 files to m4a. Import the mp3 ringtones first, than from the right click menu, choose ‘Convert selection to AAC’. After conversion, right click the converted file and choose ’show in finder’. You will notice the m4a file, copy it to other folder and add it to iPhone through iNdependence.

Converting files to AAC first, than choose show in Finder to copy the converted AAC file

Now, it’s time to install the native iPhone programs. Download the AppTap.installer first.

Step 8. Again, run it and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you choose the right firmware of iPhone.

Choose the right firmware


Step 9. Now you will see the Installer icon on iPhone. Run it, install the ‘BSD Subsystem’ than ‘OpenSSH’ under ‘System’.

Step 10. Choose anything else that you want to install.

Install native iPhone applications easily.

Now, restart the iPhone. Connect to iPhone using Fugu. Find the IP by clicking ‘Settings > Wi-Fi’ and than the blue button.

If you got remote host file changed message from Fugu, click ‘Fugu’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Known Hosts’. Delete the old hosts configuration file. The first time you connect with the iPhone SSH may take long, just be patient and wait.

For the version with screenshots, please click here.

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