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Discuss GPRS not working (1.1.1) at the General -; Hi, I am using my iPhone with a Vodafone New Zealand sim card. I had ...
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    Default GPRS not working (1.1.1)

    I am using my iPhone with a Vodafone New Zealand sim card.
    I had previously been able to get it to work fine on another iPhone with 1.0.2
    I don't think I have tested GPRS on my phone when it was on 1.0.2, but after I had updated to 1.1.1, it no longer works. Everytime I turn off wifi and try EDGE, it just never loads any page or mail etc. The little loading thing next to the EDGE icon also moves very slow. I have tried putting the APN and also without, and it still does that. I have also tested other sim cards and it still dosn't work. I can post a youtube video if anyone wants me to.

    With the other iPhone on 1.0.2, I was able to get it to work with or without an APN.

    I had used this guide to virginize my phone
    and tried both and CARNAVAL jailbreak methods.
    It is unlocked with anysim 1.1

    Any ideas?

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    well i saw the manual you used.
    it's fine but sometimes because of different JB ways.
    the upgrade has some weird effects.

    this what i suggest you to do:

    downgrade the phone to 1.0.2
    JB it and install apptapp, ssh and BSD (!!!)
    open installer and add the source:
    afterwards open the new source library and install the VERGINIZER.
    pay attention that there are 2 verginizers (for different BB=base band)

    after you are finished your iphone should be vergin with 1.0.2 BB
    from here next you can do either ways:
    stay with the 1.0.2 FW or upgrade to 1.1.1/2

    good luck!



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