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    Smile good idea for apple co.

    good idea for apple co. that if they make an crack for the iphone to unlock the sim, they can sale 10000 times more than now

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeartMan View Post
    good idea for apple co. that if they make an crack for the iphone to unlock the sim, they can sale 10000 times more than now

    Please, not another "I'm a genius" thread.

    10000 times more would mean...let me see...500000 x 10000 = 500.000.000
    Half a billion!

    Apple is rumoured to get around 200-300 USD per activated and AT&T subscribed iPhone from AT&T. The production cost is around the same amount, if you get my drift. Meaning: Apple apparently earns the whole 599 USD per acitvated/subscribed iPhone (8GB). Impressive.

    Now let me see another thing: the iPhone costs 599 USD with a contract and it isn't sold out, you can get one at almost any Apple store in the US. You also find thousands of iPhones available on the internet, incl. eBay, etc.
    This means that not all people want an iPhone, this also means that the iPhone is probably too expensive for some people.

    We here in this forum are a bunch of nutcases, like it or not. I'm pretty sure that some of us would pay another 599 USD just to get an unlocked iPhone. This is where you make the logicial mistake. How many people like us are worldwide? 500? 1000? At max. How many other (potential) customers are there for Apple if they offer the iPhone exclusively to certain cell phone providers? How much EXTRA money would Apple earn from these providers for the exclusivity to sell the iPhone? I hope you get my point now.

    The ONLY one to blame not selling unlock codes is...AT&T. Right now they could earn a lot of extra cash by selling unlock codes to international customers only, customers which they'll never "catch" otherwise. I suppose they're not allowed to (bound to contract) because this would create problems to Apple's marketing strategy for other countries. Another thing AT&T could do: selling contracts with international roaming to international customers. To make sure that they don't risk much, they could take a 1000 USD deposit from the credit card (which of course you don't have to pay, they just "block" it on your credit card to make sure that they get their money if the customer "disappears" or uses too much talk time).

    Apple has nothing to do with this, Apple actually profits from the exclusivity of the iPhone a lot because the increased desire for an iPhone also has a positive impact on their other products. You always want what you can't get or what you can't get the easy way, this is how humans are.

    Apple is a company, not a charity, they need to earn money and they do it with a very clever marketing strategy. If people think this is unfair, well...don't buy their products, nobody forces you.



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