I already manage to bring back my springboard. Still i dont have wifi. So i follow this instruction which bring me almost to the end.
But after executing the guide # 11 , at the end it give me an error "Failed to download .FLS Could not verify downlodedimage"
I tried different .FLS anf .fls still got the same error. Can somebody give a me more help on this.

The Agenda: Get a stock 1.1.1 with a dead baseband working again .
Required Tools: A PC and Nate True’s iBrickr.
1. Connect the iPhone to iBrickr and follow the initial instructions. Your screen will flash RED. You will receive two options - reboot, and what you are interested in restore. Follow the simple instructions and the iPhone will go to the firmware 1.0.2. When you downgrade it will end in an error (a la “Could not restore iPhone Unknown Error [some number]). This is only because iTunes couldn’t restore or find your baseband. Don’t worry about that. Follow the instructions using iBrickr to jailbreak your phone after that. It’s simple and painless and if you got yourself into a situation like this you probably don’t need me telling you how to do this.
2. Once your iPhone is fully downgraded you will get an activation screen that says the iPhone is in need of repair. Make sure your iTunes is closed and with iBrickr upload “lockdownd” to usr/libexec. This will do a faux activation on your iPhone so it doesn’t give you the normal activate by connecting to iTunes screen on your next reboot.
3. Using iBrickr click “Applications.” Install PXL by following Nate True’s instructions. Once thats done browse the available applications that are available and install these 2 programs in this order: BSD Subsystem, and the Mobile Terminal. Give each application about a minute after you click install to finish up.
4. Now if you reboot your iPhone you will see a regular iPhone’s home screen with all the standards Apple icons plus Mobile Terminal. Using mobile terminal you are going to do some file handywork and fix your broken iPhone.
5. We need to use iBrickr one more time before the big show. Upload the following files to your usr/bin directory:
? ICE03.14.08_G.eep
? ICE03.14.08_G.fls
? ieraser
? secpack
6. Once these files have been uploaded use your iPhone’s terminal. We need to stop the process which is trying to use your baseband. This file is called “com.apple.CommCenter.pist” and is location at /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter. It’s usually quite simple to stop the process but a lot of people have trouble doing it. I will go over the normal way to do it and if you can’t get it using that method try one of my alternatives. Using terminal type these commands verbatum:
1. cd /
2. cd System
3. cd Library
4. cd LaunchDaemons
5. now that you are in the correct directory type this:launchctl unload com.apple.CommCenter.plist
If all goes well it will think for a split second and then you will get no errors (and no confirmation!). Terminal just gives you a command prompt like normal again. Lots of people get the error “No Such Process.” if this happens type:
rm com.apple.CommCenter.plist to delete it. Don’t worry that you are deleting it because you can download it here so once this is all done you can reupload it using iBrickr. Also if you deleted com.apple.CommCenter.plist REBOOT YOUR PHONE NOW. Sometimes it takes quite a while to reboot. It’s my guess that the iPhone OS is looking around for the file. Just sit tight and it will return to it’s normal screen eventually.
6. Once you are done sorting out how to kill the com.apple.CommCenter.plist problem navigate to your /usr/bin directory. You can type this into your terminal: cd /usr/bin
7. Type chmod 0755 * (this will set up the correct permissions for the files you are about to access).
8. Also, type this: chmod +x ieraser & : chmod +x bbupdater
9. Now type this: ./bbupdater -v to find out what firmware you are running. If your iPhone was messed up in the same way mine was it will ping the baseband for a while and either return nothing or end on “issuing +xgendata.” This is fine. Also if you receive the error telling you comm center is in use this is because you didn’t correctly kill the plist mentioned above so keep trying it until it works!
10. Execute the following to erase your baseband: ./ieraser. This will completely erase what is left on your baseband. We’re almost done.
11. Execute the following to reflash your baseband: ./bbupdater -e ICE03.14.08_G.eep -f ICE03.14.08_G.fls. A lot of people on the IRC Channels claim that this won’t work for a stock 1.1.1 iPhone. It will. Let the process run all the way through. If you get an error check that the secpack doesn’t have a hidden extension of ‘.bin’ at the end. This will cause it to fail.
12. Type: ./bbupdater -v and if everything is right it will ping your firmware and return your version as 3.14.08. You did it!
13. Finally - let’s not forget about our friend com.apple.CommCenter.plist. Copy the file back to the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ using iBrickr.
14. Reboot. Your wifi works… Your sound now works… Your vibration now works… Nice Going.
15. Final Step: You now have a factory fresh 1.0.2 iPhone. To make your iPhone completely factory fresh you should probably update it to 1.1.1. From there you can follow one of the many simple tutorials online to try to unlock it again.