Hello all!
My name is JGAN. For a school paper, I would like to research patching, modding, cracking, etc. Specifically, I would like to look into jailbreaking, modchips, projects like OSx86, and all things similar. Although I have jailbroken my share on iPods and tried OSx86 before, I would like to get opinions and information from developers and users alike. The following questions are open to everybody, but please post a reply with all of them answered

Who is the main force behind iOS jailbreaking? Community? Developer? Etc?

Compared with software patching, how hard is iOS patching/jailbreaking for the average user?

What about bypassing all of Apple’s valiant attempts of stopping jailbreaking? What is the average time? Developers, how hard is it?

Are you not afraid of turning your $300 devices into irreversible bricks? Apple seems to be pretty strongly set against jailbreaking, and the new firmware does a lot of the things jailbreaking used too. Also, apps from the app store are more stable/secure.

What are the usual problems encountered?

Do you think projects like iPod Linux is a form on jailbreaking?
Which do you prefer?

Thanks everyone for participating,