HI All,

I have been looking hard at the iPhone since it came out but I am on T-Mobile in the US and did not want to change. Now I dont have to. With the new price and this unlock tool, its like im in heaven.

I dont have an apple and I am not that familar with them. I am running Windows Vista 32.

I have downloaded the apps and files need to do the unlock in advance of getting an iphone.

After reviewing all the info it looks like I need Ibrickr to jailbreak the iphone. I have putty and and ftp client as well.

Now I have seen that you need to isntall the follwing (on the iphone?)
-Community Sources
-BSD Subsystem
-Open Terminal

I do not have BSD since I dont have a mac. I am not sure about the rest. What do I need for a Windows unlock and where do I install the apps?(like SSH--does it install on the iphone or my desktop for example).