Hi all,

I am new to the Hackintosh community and I recently bought an Iphone . My friend was telling me about Apptapp shortly after I made my purchase and so I went home and downloaded Apptapp and am using 7.4.1 version of Itunes, Well it so happened that it came up with an error for the boot strap and I was reading online about Apple bricking phones and thought mine was bricked as well. I ended up getting it restored although I am wondering does the new 3.1 version of Apptapp work with the new Itunes? If so how often will I have to update the program in order so Itunes won't be able to brick my phone? And one last thing If I were to never sync my phone again with my Itunes and needed to use my apple care would I be able to restore the phone to its original state (thats if I used app tapp on my phone) ? Sorry for all the typing I am just a little .

One last thing why won't apple allow 3rd party apps on the Iphone? I find it kind of dissapointing that they don't allow it .