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Discuss exchange iphone opinions needed at the General -; i have a new 4gb iphone and unlocked it about 1 day ago. however, i ...
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    Default exchange iphone opinions needed

    i have a new 4gb iphone and unlocked it about 1 day ago. however, i didn't notice until after i unlocked it that there was a small chip on the glass and some scratches on the mirror edging around the phone. i called apple customer service and they said they would do an exchange for me. note, this is all before the firmware was released (literally like a few hours before).

    i tried to virginize it via but it did not work for me (i couldn't type in the commands at step 6, it was being weird).

    i figure these are my options and i'm not sure what to do:

    1. return the iphone unlocked - but will they check to see if it is unlocked, notice it is and void my warranty, and not send me a new one???

    2. update to 1.1.1 b/c the gizmodo article says "'Firmware 1.1.1. relocks iPhone properly' (confirmed by Dev Team.)" and send it 'relocked'? except, the rep asked if i activated the phone and i said yes (only b/c i asked if i needed to send the sim card back too, perhaps stupid of me). she said just send everything back. i just wonder if that's something she noted and they'll notice that it's not activated (since the 1.1.1 puts you in activation limbo).

    3. keep trying to virginize it and/or wait for dev team's re-lock tool, and THEN send it back. i could wait and this is the safest option i suppose...except the scratches bother me and i just want a new one asap. i was already given a fedex label but it doesn't expire til 10/18 so i guess i could just wait to send it back.

    4. just keep it as just REALLY bothers me. it's like i shelled out money and got a scratched phone.

    5. exchange in store for a 8gb (b/c they don't have 4gbs anymore) except, again it's unlocked and i wonder if they'll check that...

    what do you think would be best? thanks for the help

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    just send everything back - with an update to 1.1.1 - i don't they'll be checking everything, if they make a fuss - tell 'em you'll unleash a torrent of blogs and e-mails to Apple's public relations department - and Jobs.



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