I have just installed EDGE on my current carrier plan. something that my current carrier hasn't even released to the public yet, but something they were eager for me to know about. considering i'm the only iphone ever seen by them.

Considering the plan hasn't even made it to the public.. I expected it to be slow or whatnot. the weirdest thing was when I was driving with it, the pages would load slowly, but it would pickup multiple WIFI signals from a very long distance, something it couldn't have done before with EDGE disabled.

also when these webpages load slowly.. I often put my iphone to sleep which usually ends up crashing the iphone with a black screen, minus the top bar with battery life status, time, and signal.

most of the time I find the edge freezes and requires a reboot altogether to get a new webpage to load.

just wondering if anyone out there knows a fix around this?