Last night I tried to browse the internet and did not work.

Today I played a bit with the iPhone and I discovered the settings were WRONG!

I have a TIM SIM card and EDGE had worked since I upgraded to 1.1.2 without further editing.

I thought it must be something with 1.1.4. I looked for the old .plist file but could not find it. After a lot of browsing I found a tip and picked up the file with Cyberduck from "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/TIM_Italy.bundle" and the file is now called "carrier.plist" (same for all carriers that now have its own directory).
I edited it with the Property List Editor and the settings all seemed fine.
What surprised me is that there was no more "AllowEDGEEditing" setting in the plist. I added it, set it as Boolean and added value "Yes". Saved the file. Note that the original file is binary, but if you edit it you will save it as an XML. I'm not an OS X programmer, so I have no idea if the Editor can generate a binary, but that hasn't been a problem, actually as I re-uploaded the file to the iPhone, entered my "Network" settings and the "EDGE" menu had reappeared.

I can now edit my EDGE settings and actually even if the plist file said as APN, in the iPhone the setting was I changed it now.

I *suspect* the change happened after I installed and configured Swirly MMS, of course my APN for MMS's is

Hope this can help someone else.