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Discuss Does it matter if we register with at the General -; does that really matter, do we need a email invite from them, or is that ...
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    Default Does it matter if we register with

    does that really matter, do we need a email invite from them, or is that basically just for them to ballpark how much they will be making.

    According to PC WORLD's article they state that it will be available come 12EST - 2EST tomorrow, now that being said can I just go on and buy the software download than>??

    I guess only time will tell

    But if anyone knows more, please fill me in.

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    In case you haven't been keeping up with the flurry of news today, there are now two companies claiming to have the magical software needed to unlock the iPhone. As good as that sounds, it comes at a price. Neither one of these groups intend to give away the crown jewels for free. No, they're going to make you pay to use their software, which they claim to have developed. I'll get to that in a minute.

    iPhoneSIMFree, the first group with the magic software unlock, announced their ability today by unlocking Ryan Block of Engadget's iPhone. The software they use requires no hardware modification and should hold up through software updates and restores. Impressive.

    The second group, Uniquephones, announced this afternoon that their unlocking software will be available tomorrow between 12 and 2 PM EST at Uniquephones has no intention of giving this software away either. According to Engadget, the service will be priced somewhere between $25 and $50, with a discount being offered to customers that have already signed up.

    So this is great, right? The mighty AT&T has lost control over the iPhone and consumers now have the ability to choose a carrier.

    I have just one question: Where did the magic unlocking software come from?

    Just yesterday George Hotz, the 19-year old who worked all summer unlocking the very first iPhone, gave unlocking step-by-step instructions and software on his blog for all the world to see. He previously mentioned that, although the hardware hack works, a less riskier software method is likely soon to follow. A day later, (today) iPhone SIM Free shows up with a pure software method.

    Now, just because one company cracked it in the same time that it took George to doesn't mean that it was related. For me, the red flag went up when Uniquephones announced their software later the same day. I'm not saying that these two companies are ripping off George's work and selling it for their own gain. I have no evidence one way or the other, but it does seem a little fishy.

    I will say this, if by some chance what George Hotz's hardware unlock method can be easily made software-only, it won't be long until the real heroes make it available free of charge. Gizmodo suggests donating to the iPhone Dev Team, and I agree with them.

    My advice to anyone looking lustfully at those two unlock sites is to wait.

    Courtesy of Gizmodo



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