I have 112 OTB, restored to 111, jb, oktoprep, update to 112, jb, and GeoUnlocked.

Today is the first time I've ever used my iPhone as a phone -- been waiting for an unlocking method!

Anyway, when I dial a phone number that has the first 7 digits identical to my own, it displays "Calling Voicemail", but calls the person it's supposed to.

For example if my phone number was
(123) 456-7890

Dialing any number starting with:
(123) 456-7***

will display "Calling Voicemail", but it calls the real person.
I found this out, because my sister and my phone numbers are identical, except for the last digit.

While dialing the number using the keypad, before hitting call, it shows the correct contact underneath the number (Amy's Cell), but when I hit Call, it shows "Calling Voicemail"

Asking around in #iphone is irc.osx86.hu, others have the same results with different firmware versions..

I just want to see if you guys have the same issue. It's kind of annoying, but I can deal with it.