my problem is deleting emails that are NOT contacts, but somehow are still saved as previous sent addresses, and pop up like a suggestion when you type in a new email address

my example is from buying stuff on craigslist, all the email addresses are sale-1234345@craigslist, and when i ever i email anyone beginning with S i get sale-12345, sale-234456, sale-34567, sale-56789 as the first choices.

if i had a friend named sally, i would have to type S-A-L-L just to get past these disposable addresses that I no longer need.

they show as grey only, not black like contacts, and even if you add them to a contact, and then delete the contact, the address stays.

in fact, they even seem to stick around from deleted accounts. I use a spam filter email for craigslist, and I deleted that account from my phone, and the email addresses still show up in my other email accounts.

has anyone got any ideas?

running 1.13 jailbroken et al