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Discuss Custom Carrier Logo (SPRINT iPhone 4S) [HOW-TO] at the General -; Although I have tested this method a few dozen times on a Sprint iPhone 4S; ...
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    Lightbulb Custom Carrier Logo (SPRINT iPhone 4S) [HOW-TO]

    Although I have tested this method a few dozen times on a Sprint iPhone 4S; I cannot guarantee that this will work for you.
    Due to the files involved, there is the possibility of messing up your phone and having to restore and re-jailbreak.
    I am in no way responsible for any and/or all damages that may occur to your iDevice, be it physical or digital, from following this guide.

    It started out as a simple task: Replace the boring carrier text on a friend's iPhone with a custom image.

    :scratchhead: Little did I know... Adding a custom carrier logo to a Sprint iPhone 4S would take many long hours of trial and error, a couple of phone restores and countless SSH sessions.

    ALAS ! In the end the result was achieved !

    However, I do not wish such headache upon anyone. Thus, I have decided to outline the steps that I took as a point of reference for all those who wish to embark in this adventure.


    You will need:
    • A Jailbroken iPhone 4S on Sprint
    • iOS 5.0.1 (9A405)*
    • An internet connection
    • HD Carrier Logos (3 in total)
    • An iPhone File Explorer (iFunBox^)
    • A .plist Editor (plist Editor Pro-Windows^)

    *I have not tested this on iOS 5.0 or the "other" 5.0.1. It should be compatible with them as well.
    ^The programs in this list are the ones that I used on my computer to complete the procedure. You are welcome to use an alternative as long as you can follow this guide on your own.


    For this tutorial we will be using images for a Sprint Carrier Logo. You may use your own. Just don't forget to rename them appropriately.

    ---- ----

    Download the above images to your computer. They have been pre-optimized for your benefit.

    Open iFunBox and use the Raw File System link to browse to:
    /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/310SPR
    Be very careful not to confuse the 310SPR folder with the 310SPA folder as they are right next to each other !!

    Copy the "carrier.plist" from here to your computer. Make another copy and name it "carrierbackup.plist" in case anything goes wrong.

    Use plist Editor Pro to open the "carrier.plist" file.

    Search for the first instance of
    Immediately afterwards, Insert the following
    Save the file and then use iFunBox to replace the original "carrier.plist" file inside the "310SPR" folder with the one you just modified.
    Again, be very careful not to confuse the 310SPR folder with the 310SPA folder as they are right next to each other !!

    Now, on your phone open "Cydia", tap on the "Manage" tab and then tap on "Sources".
    On the top right corner, tap on "Edit" and then, on the left side, tap on "Add".

    You will now be prompted to enter a "Cydia/APT URL"

    Go ahead and type
    Then press "Add Source".
    Wait for Cydia to load the repo then in the "Search" tab, search for "CommCenter* patch for iOS 5" and install it.

    If your device does not automatically reboot, reboot it.
    You should now see your custom carrier in the status bar.


    ALTERNATIVELY, You may use Winterboard to manage your carrier logo.
    Simply create a group of folders with the following structure and names:
    Custom Logo.theme/Bundles/
    Place your 3 image files inside the last folder, keeping the same file names as the original images.

    Download Winterboard from Cydia if you have not done so already.
    Use iFunBox to browse to
    and drag your "Custom Logo.theme" folder into it.

    In the iPhone, access the Winterboard settings either through the icon on the springboard or through the settings app.
    Tap "Select Themes >" and tap on "Custom Logo" until a check appears to the left of it.
    tap on the top left corner where it says "Winterboard" and once more where it says "Respring."


    Your device should now have the sprint text replaced by the sprint logo.

    Enjoy your logo.
    Last edited by ("\(.:...:.)/")~RaWr; 01-29-2012 at 10:49 PM. Reason: Made Winterboard Optional



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