i found this information useful since where i live or work there is no access point available

With the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature of Windows XP, you can share access to the Internet with other computers of a small network. For example, when you have one computer that connects to the Internet by using an Ethernet cable and ICS is enabled on the Ethernet connection of this computer, known as the ICS host computer, the other computers on the small network can connect to the Internet through the ICS host computer.
With IEEE 802.11 support for wireless LANs (WLANs), you can create an ad hoc wireless network, also known as a computer-to-computer wireless network. An ad hoc wireless network does not require the use of a wireless access point, which is a separate device that is typically used by private organizations and public locations to provide centralized wireless access to a larger network. You can use ad hoc wireless networks to connect multiple WLAN computers together in homes, small businesses, or for temporary connectivity between two or more computers so that they can either communicate with each other or with a shared resource, such as the Internet. It is this last case that we will explore in this article. We will describe the steps required to configure a computer running Windows XP to connect to the Internet using an Ethernet connection and then share that Internet connection with other WLAN-based computers using an ad hoc wireless network.

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