Hello guyz...great to be here in this forum...

I already had a 8GB 1.1.2 iPhone unlocked and working...just got another 16GB 1.1.3 iPhone Activated, Jailbroken and Unlocked via ZiPhone 2.3.

so now I have 1.1.3 Unlocked with 4.02 Baseband.

have a couple of questions, hope can u answer me

1. my Dialer and SMS application is working without patch..so this is normal in 1.1.3 right? I don't need to patch them like I did with 1.1.2 with iWorld.

2. Do I need to move my Application folder just like I did in 1.1.2? and how to did that in 1.1.3 to not have the low system storage thing.

3. I installed BSD Subsystem and Open SSH from installer after ZiPhone, but I can't see Open SSH icon! is that normal in 1.1.3??

4. GPRS is not working, and this problem was also on my 1.1.2 sometimes! I don't know why I Safari can't open the page cause it can't find the server...the settings is correct, any ideas?

5.If I want to fully restore the iPhone...do I restore with 1.1.2 firmware? or just with 1.1.3 and re do the ZiPhone thing?

Thanks alot!