I've searched for this but not found anything on this forum.

Anyone else getting multiple 'Could not perform SSL handshake' error messages in the system and console logs when an unlocked and hacked iPhone is connected to the USB dock?

I've had iTunes, iPHUC, AppTappInstaller and iTunesHelper all give the same error message.... multiple times.

However the iPhone works, iTunes works (7.4), sync works, and iPHUC works even though it reports 'Could not enable SSL' when starting...

The phone works on UK Vodafone, voicemail button working, phone in/out, SMS in/out, Youtube working etc.

I have recently replaced the lockdownd with the original file, deactivated with the new iNdependence 1.2.1, reactivated to get Youtube working, then replaced the lockdownd with the patched factory activation file... and had to reinstall AppTappInstaller due to iTunes upgrade and all scripts failing... but the SSL error started happening some time ago.

It doesn't appear to be causing any trouble on the phone, and I can SSH into the phone as per normal. I have changed my root password, created a new user and disabled login for the 'mobile' user which has a known password, for security reasons.

Could anyone with a similarly hacked phone (early community unlock via CLI, installed apps, AppTappInstaller, voicemail Minicom hack, etc.) check out their system.log and console.log for similar errors? I'm running on a Quad G5 i.e. PPC system.