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    Workaround to Sync Notes

    If you are one of those folks who is disappointed that you cannot sync the notes on your iPhone to your PC thanks to the current limitation of the iPhone's Notes application then there is a crude workaround. You would know that each contact has a notes field. So all you need to do is create a fake contact and paste any info you like in the notes field for that contact in Address Book that way after a sync you will have all that information on your PC.

    Secrets of the Sensors

    The next one is to do with the sensors in the iPhone and how you can trick them into working more efficiently for you.

    "The iPhone has three cool sensors. First, it has an accelerometer that detects when youíve rotated the iPhone into landscape orientation. In programs like Photos, Safari, and iPod, it triggers the screen image to rotate as well.

    Camouflaged behind the black glass where you canít see them except with a bright flashlight are two more sensors: a proximity sensor that shuts off the screen illumination and touch sensitivity when the phone is against your head (it works only in the Phone application), and an ambient-light sensor that brightens the display when youíre in sunlight and dims it in darker places.

    Apple says that it experimented with having the light sensor active all the time, but it was weird to have the screen get brighter and darker all the time. So the sensor now samples the ambient light, and adjusts the brightness; it does this only onceóeach time you unlock the phone after waking it.

    You can use that tip to your advantage. By covering up the sensor (just above the earpiece) as you unlock the phone, you force it to a low-power, dim screen-brightness setting (because the phone believes that itís in a dark room). Or by holding it up to a light as you wake it, you get full brightness. In both cases, youíve saved all the taps and navigation it would have taken you to find the manual brightness slider in Settings."

    The above iPhone Tips & Tricks have been courtesy of PCWorld and David Pogue.

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    I find by covering up the sensor is the most useful tip.

    Maybe someone can develop some Application based on these ambient-light or proximity sensors?



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