Obviously we've seen Touchpad working on Windows, here's how you do it with Xandros on the eeePC. Very simple, just download touchpad on your jailbroken iPhone (add repository http://cnp.qlnk.net/ ). Open Share My Desktop on the eee' stock Xandros and configure it to accept uninvited connections and allow for control of the keyboard and mouse. Be sure to put a password! I understand you can create an invitation which gives you a temp pw, but it only lasts for that one connection and then expires, and is cumbersome to re-enter the pw into the iphone everytime. Just set the port to 5900, connect and remote away! Ive been using this on my windows pc and it works great as a simple media remote, and you can even input text using the keypad! I'll never have to leave my couch again, I admit I am a slight linux noob, but I am trying! Also i tried for hours to use krdc, tightvncserver, vncsever etc but they all couldn't be configured correctly. There is no need to download extra software to the eee, it's all in there already.

Here's a link to my short demo, sorry its hard to juggle iphones cameras and keyboards at the same time

good luck!


Make sure you use YOUR IP address for the eeePC, NOT MINE lol also, the name is arbitrary and can be called anything.