Can someone post the Carrier settings for iPhone 1.1.1? Or simply upload the default 4 files below so I can restore mine. The guide at is for the 1.0.2. I have accidentally overwritten the 1.0.2 carrier settings files over my unlocked 1.1.1 without backing up, and now my iPhone settings are displayed in incorrect display.

Can someone please upload these 4 file for 1.1.1 firmware online? I need them badly, will just replace the files again. Don't want to restore and jailbreak my 1.1.1 again. Its a lengthy and complicated process.

1. Phone.plist
2. Services.plist
3. Phone.strings
4. Services.strings

Can be downloaded via WinSCP, iBrickr or similar. FILES ARE LOCATED UNDER:

Phone.plist and Services.plist go in:

Phone.strings and Services.strings go in:

I really appreciate that.

Thank you