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Discuss "Cannot sync Calendars..." error.... anybody? at the General -; So I just purchased an iPhone after holding out for so long (read: "couldn't afford ...
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    Default "Cannot sync Calendars..." error.... anybody?

    So I just purchased an iPhone after holding out for so long (read: "couldn't afford it until my birthday"). I used a lot of information from these forums to Jailbreak and Activate my phone using the iNdependence app on my mac. Updated to 1.0.2. Rinse. Repeat. Everything went swimmingly well until I tried to sync my phone for the first time and I got the strange error message posted below.

    So I tried restoring my phone, jailbreak, activate, sync... same problem (even deleted the old backup file before this to ensure nothing rotten would get copied over).

    Then I pulled the AT&T SIM and tried again. No dice.

    Anyone out there encounter this before?


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    For anyone else who comes across this problem, here is a guide I found online which outlines how to fix this issue... I just deleted the calendar with the problem, but some people don't have that luxury so here are the steps...

    Try these steps to narrow down the offending calendar and/or event.
    1. create a new calendar in ical. Name it test, iphone or something.
    2. uncheck all your calendars in ical, so you can only view the events in the new calendar
    3. put a test event in the new calendar ( in the future). Call it Test 1.
    4. connect up your iphone and set the iphone to sync only to that new calendar.
    5. In the info tab that shows up when the iphone is connected, make sure to sync ical calendars is checked
    6. Set it to sync only selected calendars.
    7. in the window that shows all the calendars, only have the new calendar checked.
    8. put a check mark in the box not to sync items older than... Set it to 1 day.
    9. Now click apply in the bottom right side of itunes. (this will see if the iphone can sync to ical)
    10. Once you have established that the iphone can sync, go back into the info tab and uncheck the new calendar created and check only one of your old calendars.
    11. Click apply and try to sync the iphone to that particular calendar.
    12. Keep un-checking a calendar that syncs and check a different calendar until you run across a calendar that does not sync. The one that gives you a disconnect error.
    13. Now that you've narrowed it down to the offending calendar, you know that it has to do with an event from yesterday and forward. (*ED.*- in my experience, this DID NOT prove that the event was limited to the time you specify for the sync. But it does no harm to narrow the scope for iPhone.)
    14. Go back to ical and put a check mark in the calendar that is giving the issue. So now you see the new calendar created and the offending calendar.
    15. Now you need to figure out which event/events that are causing the problem.
    NEW STEP 16. Fast fix (try this first, and if it doesn't work, you'll try the longer piecemeal process.)
    Cut and paste All events to your new test calendar. The fastest way do this is to open the list of events by clicking on the list icon (3 lines) on the bottom left of ical.
    17. Sort by title and if any events show up with a blank title, fix these or delete them.
    18. Sort by type of item so you only select the events, and not any ToDo items.
    19. Shift click at the top of the list, shift-click at the bottom of the list and everything should be highlighted. Then, with the cursor on one of the items highlighted, Control-click and a menu will open. Select Calendar, and then your test calendar. This moves everything into your new calendar.
    17. Try to sync.

    In my experience, ical fixed some items that were queer by moving them to a new calendar. My original calendar was imported from Outlook.

    If this doesn't work, you'll need to try again by creating another test calendar and then moving over a few items at at time, syncing after each import, wading through your events until you find the culprit.

    We return to our regular programming here:
    16. Start moving events over a few at a time to the newly created calendar and sync the iphone only to the new calendar. You can move events 2 ways.
    16A. if you have the tray to the side expanded so you can view the details of the event, you can change what calendar it is in.
    16B. At the bottom of ical there is a button to the right that allows you to view all evens in a list view. You can right-click or control-click on the event and move to a different calendar.
    17. Keep following step 16 until you receive the the disconnect error.
    18. When you get the disconnect error again, you know that the last batch of events has the offending, or one of the offending, event/events.



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