Hi Guys!
I recently exchanged my broken and water damaged samsung Galaxy S with a non working iphone 3GS thinking that fixing a software problem in iphone would not be that difficult than getting my hands dirty on the Samsung Galaxy S hardware.

The iphone came with a black screen and stuck in DFU/Recovery mode. I tried to download 4.2.1,4.3.3 and many other firmwares, used redsnow, greenpoison, snowbreeze to make custom firmwares and restore the iphone, but the only thing I could manage was to turn the screen into white
And after 1 week of trying this and that I have finally decided to take some expert help here (I Hope ill get some good advise)

So here is the problem:

1. I have a iphone3GS, i dont know the firmware but I do know thats it is has a new boot rom version.
2. It was in a DFU mode loop with black screen and was not getting restored even with custom formware and was giving me all kinds of errors 16XX, 3501 and many more.
3. Yesterday I tried to use redsnow with 4.2.1 firmware, all that happened was, the screen went white and thats it. After sometime it went black again and now its not turning on.. lol..
4. I am not giving up on this, its like a challenge for me.
5. I need expert advice and m not scared of any technicalities or difficulties in the procedures to be followed.

I hope there is someone who can understand this