hope someone can clarify with me ...

with 1.1.1, iphone has significantly less space for it's OS left for 3rd party application.
so which folder in iphone correspond to this restricted space? I know that at least /Applications is one of them... are there other stuff
is the folder in /Library one of them as well. This is because i tried to upload ringtones into /Library/Ringtones and i reach a point where there's an error uploading. So i guess i must've filled up the space available

the rest of the space are for media like songs and videos right?
am i safe to assume that the HOME directly where we have ~/Library and ~/Media is where this space is? so anything i put in here will not have an impact on the space available for third party apps?

so what i did was moved Ringtones from /Library/Ringtones to ~/Library/Ringtones
ringtones will not appear in my iphone settings, but it does after i create symbolic links in /Library/Ringtones, and it works perfectly fine as ringtones after that

I hope someone will clarify with me whether the $HOME directory is the space available for songs and videos... so that i know creating the symbolic link above does help me out with increasing disk space for the already restricted space for applications