iPhoneInterface is a tool for Windows and Mac that permits you to manipulate the iPhone's state, launch services and interact with the chroot'd filesystem. Version 0.2.0 was released on 5 July 2007.

help - this, also help services and help values
ls - list directories
cd - change directory
mkdir - make directory
rmdir - remove directory
deviceinfo - get device info
fileinfo - get file info
readvalue - read a value
activate - activate iPhone with plist
deactivate - deactivate iPhone
startservice - start service on iPhone
enterrecovery - Enter recovery Mode **WARNING: YOU'LL NEED TO RESTORE**
quit - exit shell
The file's md5sum is:

$ md5sum iPhoneInterface.zip f73883e5158048aee51eb15c2047fd00

May i know what are all these?

And I heard of iphone 2.0. Is it better than the iPhone 1.0? What is the defferent?

Thanks guys