If i include the country code it says "Call Failed", if i don't have this on my contact it's fine. Help!

More details:
On my UK 2g iPhone, i have synced my Blackberry with PocketMac to my Mac. My blackberry phone numbers are in the format of +44 *0*207xxxyyyy as this is what my work computer needs to get through the switchboard (this can't be changed sadly.

When i dial out from iPhone it's fine if it's just say 020xxxyyyy but if it's +44 0207xxxyyy then it says call failed. If i change it to +44 20xxxyyy (without the "0" after country code) then it's also fine. I can't remove the "0" after country code as set by work PC, annoyingly!

I've tried "displaying my number" and reseting the date/time but no luck.

This is obvoiusly something to do with it not being able to dial a number if it has the "0" after the country code but i can't alter this as need it for my work computer and i would like them in sync.

Any ideas if there's a setting so that i can call when there is a "0" after the country code? I don't want to export a CSV from Outlook and then edit as want to keep synced regularly.

Help much appreciated!