Everything i've ever read about phone unlocking in the US says that unlocking is completely legal, and that carriers are required to give you unlock codes after a certain amount of time that you have an account in good standing. So what the hell is going on with the iPhone? Not only is AT&T not giving us our unlock codes that they are legally required to give us, but Apple is relocking phones that were previously, legally unlocked. How can they do that, I mean, isn't that illegal?

My theory is that Apple felt that it could pull a fast one against the free unlock SW, assuming that they would not retaliate, but they knew that IPSF would raise hell seeing as how it's unlock was a business, not a hack, so they refrained from disabling iPhones that used the IPSF software.

Wait, one more question occurs to me as I write this post, is Apple even relocking the phones with 1.1.1, or just "bricking" them (I hate using that word, it is incorrect unless your iPhone is not turning on at all)?