First of all I would like to congratulate the comunity for existing and working donation supported.

Because I'm new to this forum I'm not sure where to post this I'll start off posting ot here. Thanks for understanding.

I have multiple problems with an Iphone 2G that a friend of mine bought from someone a few weeks ago, which is, the phone is bricked.

When the phone was bought, it had the 1.1.3 firmware, he updated it to 3.1.3, after which it asked him for the carrier's SIM for activation.

I inserted a SIM from Orange Romania (Iphone carrier in Romania) but the problem is that the phone wouldn't activate, which oviously means that the phone was not bought from Orange Romania.

1. Is there any way to find the phone carrier via the hardware id or IMEI ?

The Apple link:


isn't any help due to the fact that I can add any country and it tells me to contact the carrier in that country, it does not help me identify the phone carrier via the information inserted there.

2. Is there some other way to hack the phone ? (hardware hack, Hardware ID change, IMEI change)

Thanks in advance!