Hi, Good Morning all.

I am new but I have been reading the forum since the iphone was launched, I had not decided to buy 'till GeoHot unlocked it, I am now trying to bypass the activation screen but I am having some problems.

Just unpacked an iphone someone brought me from the States.
I am in Costa Rica, I just tried the PQDVD one click method, but it does not do anything, I does not bypass the activation screen.

I am now trying with this method, AppTappInstaller.exe, but it gives me an error: Download failed: Unable to open "C:\Documents and Settings\picadoe\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\iPhone1,1_1.0.1_!C25_Restore.ipsw"

And I also have another issue, this program asks me to enter the FW version of my Iphone, but as I am unable to bypass the Activation Screen, I dont have a clue of the FW revision.

Thanks a lot.