I have successfully unlocked my iphone to be used with my local carrier here in Guam called "Mpulse". they just rolled out a new blackberry data plan which uses the WAP@CINGUARGPRS.COM data point, since that's what shows up on EDGE settings.

my frustration so far has been getting them to activate the function to my existing plan since they have been reluctant to do so unless I actually have a blackberry. They mentioned something about inputing an IMEI/ICCID into the system, and the data plan not working with any other phone, but reading the post on the forum.. users who crossed over from a BB plan of their own were successful.

everytime I try to tell them to just activate it to see if it does work, they always proclaim "sorry sir, only blackberries have this capability".

I really do not want to buy a BB just to get this plan, sounds too frustrating.. any ideas of possibly hacking this feature onto my iphone?