*NO ITUNES NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**running at least windows 2000 and mac OSX (I think)

So, here's the deal:
-iPhone needs to be jailbroken
-MobileFinder needs to be installed (or similar, this can also be done by SSH, but it lacks common GUI sense for the regular user)
-browse to the location of the desired file, rename its extension to .jpg, and then move it to (private/)var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE or 999APPLE folder (if you don't have a 999APPLE folder than it means you have not taken any screenshots with your phone)
-connect the iphone to the pc or mac using the data cable, both operating systems will detect your iphone as a picture importing removable storage device (EVEN if no version of iTunes is installed)
-locate the file you put in the folder you chose, copy it to your computing machine, and rename its extension to what it was previously named, and

-you can now transfer pdanet for windows to your pc that sadly does not have an ethernet/wifi device, using your iphones edge/3g/wifi connection, in order to share your internet connection with the computing machine (just an example)

-sincerely now, how many of you readers have thought of this before I posted? (just curios)

Reps up if this helped!!! THanks!!!