1. First download ‘DVD to Apple TV Converter suite for windows ’ (the latest version) from here, install and run it, for more features about it, you can refer here.

2. Please insert the DVD you'd like to convert to the DVD drive.

3. Click 'File' menu and 'Open DVD', or directly hit 'Open' button to load the DVD. Set the profile to be Apple TV 640*480 mpeg-4 video which is the default DVD video quality.

4. Click around in the DVD's menu to set up DVD playback as you like, select the subtitle and audio sound tracks etc, then begin to play the movie through the software by click the play button.

5. The following window will pop up. Here, you can rename 'Title Name', set 'Save Path' and output quality, then click 'Yes' button to start ripping DVD to Apple TV MP4 or Apple TV H264 video from the point that the movie starts. That is all. Just so easy!