at first sorry for my english...

My problem is, I watched videos on my iphone, after that my battery was complete empty. So I connect it via usb to charging it, but nothing happens
So I bought a AC poweradapter, this works. now the iphone is on, but when I take the the power cabel out, I still have the logo in the right corner that the iphone is charging but the cable is out.... hmm. after that I want to connect it with the pc via usb but no connection again.

- no connection via usb
- I can charge it with a AC poweradapter
- I cant restore it, when I trying to restore it, the iPhone booting 2 times after the 2. the display is black again
- when the iPhone is off and I put the USB cabel in, it starting (I see the apple logo) but no connection after that

Can anyone help me?