I am in Trouble. Two weeks ago, i received my 1.02-iPhone, tried to unlock it (because i'm in germany) and did in the first 3 ignorant hours some very hot crap, like updating to 1.1.1, reboot the phone after running iEraser, etc.

Now, one week later, i'm at the point, where i can at least install Mobile Terminal on the iPhone in an PACAY-activated 1.0.2, and run bbupdater, ieraser etc. But - and that hurts me - bbupdater wont make the work.
It run's fine, need at least muuuuch time (about one hour ore more), but it run's without errors. Just in the End, it also says me, "baseband unresponsive for pinging".

It doesnt makes a difference whether i runs ieraser before, use launchctl remove or just launchctl unload, delete the CommCenter and reboot the phone before starting bbupdater, install BSD-Subsystem and so on.

Has anyone an idea, what i can do now else beside throwing it towards a wall and send it back to apple?
I am very, very unhappy now. Was my birthday present i donated myself from my remaining fee, and now, it seems totally fucked up...