I'm in NZ and have Russian friend with a 1.0.2 iPhone, it must be jailbroken because it runs on the NZ Vodafone network no problem. It doesn't have installer however. I'd like to update him to 1.1.4 but I want to back up his files and contacts first. So, my questions are:

1. Is there a way to get access to a 1.0.2 phone without losing anything (i.e. via SSH, or can SSH be installed without hosing the data)?
2. Will the backups I make be compatible with 1.1.4, i.e. can I just copy them back?
3. Failing 1 & 2 above, can I backup his data onto MY computer via my iTunes and restore it once I've upgraded his phone? I dont want his contacts in my Address Book and vice versa...

Any advice greatly appreciated