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Discuss Australian Hardware Unlocks at the General -; Gussy, MMS is not the same as pictures-over-email. It may at some level seem quite ...
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    MMS is not the same as pictures-over-email. It may at some level seem quite similar to email in how it *works* but MMS has a specific standard for the transfer, display, inbox and trigger mechanism of multimedia message which the iPhone does not seem to have. If an operator allows the email-to-mms path (anything to is delivered via MMS to phone) then it's their choice. It means they've opened up their systems to inbound email - it's not the same as ordinary MMS.

    And yes, EDGE is simply a software/firmware evolution of GPRS encoding to provide for better data rates. If the radio stack is coded properly an EDGE-capable device should always fall-back and be able to use to basic GPRS. IF unlocked the iPhone should be able to use GPRS unless AppleT&T have asked for modifications of the firmware specifically NOT to allow this to happen (which is very unlikely).

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