So I got an iphone for Christmas (yay me). Anyway, it's a 1.1.2 phone with serial number 50 (50th week). I read and see that the unlock methods are dead. Anyway, I go ahead and turn it into an ipod touch fully jailbroken up to 1.1.2. I order a stealth sim on ebay. While I am waiting, i decided to try my existing ATT sim in the iphone for giggles. Upon inserting the sim, i am greeted to the fact I have a voicemail waiting for me. I am then greeted by "AT&T" in the top corner. I try to use the phone and it works fine. EVERYTHING works except for visual voicemail.

I have two other friends that did the same thing as me (pretty much BECAUSE of me) and their's are working fine as well. We all have unlimited voice/data plans but not really anything else.

Hadn't seen if this were supposed to be the case or not, but, figured I'd drop a quick note about it anyway.

for those curious as to how I activated/*maybe*unlocked my phone, i followed this website verbatim:

After running the java update and waiting on the phone to reboot several times, i just stuck my existing AT&T sim in and it worked fine.

just a little FYI