I hope someone have an answer for this, i'm getting crazy

I use a VPN on the iPhone, i connect thru it, the dhcp assign me a private IP and two private DNS.

Now, in order to browse the internet i have to change the dns ip from private to public one. I can't change the dhcp configuration on vpn server.

I tried doing this, i edited the 'resolv.conf' file, changing nameserver lines from the private one to a public one, then i tryed with dig/nslookup to resolve something, and it worked perfectly, i'm also able to telnet the dns IP on port 53.

But if i use mail/safari or even ping, they always resolve using the OLD dns! I know it sounds mad but that's what's happening.

Does anyone know if there's a daemon 'caching' the configuration for network stuff that need to be reloaded after changing resolv.conf?