Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've last visited. College and all.

Browsing the forums to see if anyone else had any issues with syncing apps/music/videos to their iphones.

Mines running 3.0 with the Ultrasn0w/redsnow unlock/jailbreak using Tmobile service. (I never bothered updating past 3.0 cause of problems I just wasn't ready to deal with, and still feel not up for it..I use my phone too much to chance bricking it again so fuck that.)

So! I usually use my pc in offline mode to sync my apps. And I get this message saying ' Could not connect to itunes store' out of lack of patience and seventeen different strategies of attack; I let it connect to the internet and click the ' no thanks ' to the updates.. and it says ' Itunes has detected that you're using a non authorized sim card ' and for lack of a better term ' No serviced ' my phone.. so it's in no way getting signal or anything. I rebooted and everything's hunkidori again.

Not sure what the deal is with itunes but the people at apple sure like to make things no so easy.. =\.

Anyway no serious questions really. Mostly venting.