Could this be the iPhone release announcement ? If its a 3G model, dont start crying !!!

Members of the British press are receiving a mysterious invite to an Apple UK event, accounts say. Sent by e-mail, the invite contains very little information; primarily it directs people to Apple's Regent Street store in London, where a press conference will be held September 18th, starting at 10AM GMT (5AM EST). Instructions are given for transporation and parking options. The only indication of the conference's subject is a one-line header, "Mum is no longer the word."
While containing no specific references, speculation suggests that the header is referring to the iPhone, which has so far been absent from Europe. Apple may use the Sept. 18th event to announce the UK carriers of the product, or possibly even the carriers for all of the continent. The German version of the Financial Times has reported that O2 is the most likely carrier for the UK, while France will be assigned to Orange, and Germany will be tied to T-Mobile. The O2 connection has been backed up by the installation of EDGE technology the current iPhone is dependent on.

Some prior reports have tapped Vodafone as a European carrier, but CEO Arun Sarin has publicly opposed adopting smartphones without the 3G speeds many of its customers are used to.