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Discuss Apple E-mail: Feedback on your iPhone activation at the General -; I just received this e-mail form Apple, and some of you might as well, which ...
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    Default Apple E-mail: Feedback on your iPhone activation

    I just received this e-mail form Apple, and some of you might as well, which includes a link to a survey:

    Dear Apple iPhone Customer:

    Thank you for your recent purchase of an Apple iPhone. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us understand your experience with the Apple iPhone activation process. Your responses will remain completely confidential and results will be viewed only in aggregate. We value and appreciate your input.

    To complete this web survey, simply click on the web address (URL) displayed below or copy and paste the entire web address into the address field of your web browser.

    [Url to survey removed]

    Thank you for participating.

    AppleCare Support


    Here are the questions for those who might not get the e-mail. I was surprise that they were addressing the fact that some of us have not activated our phones with AT&T and are using it with other carries:

    1 Where did you purchase your iPhone?
    • Apple Retail Store
    • Apple Online Store
    • Apple Telephone Order
    • AT&T Retail Store
    • AT&T Website
    • Other, please specify:

    2 At the time of your purchase, who was your service provider?

    • Alltel
    • AT&T or Cingular
    • Sprint/Nextel
    • T-Mobile
    • Verizon Wireless
    • US Cellular
    • Other
    • None (I did not have mobile service at the time)

    3 At the time of your purchase how much time remained on your existing mobile phone carrier contract?

    • Less than 3 months
    • 3 to less than 6 months
    • 6 to less than 9 months
    • 9 to less than 12 months
    • 12 months or more
    • Don't know

    4 How long did you wait to activate your iPhone with AT&T after you received it?
    • Same day
    • Within the first week
    • After the first week
    • I have not activated my iPhone yet with AT&T

    5 Which of the following resources did you use, if any, for assistance with activating your iPhone? (check all that apply)

    • Apple's website
    • Called Apple support
    • Apple Retail Store
    • AT&T website
    • AT&T retail store
    • Other
    • None

    6 How would you rate the ease of activating your iPhone?
    • Very easy
    • Somewhat easy
    • Neither easy nor difficult
    • Somewhat difficult
    • Very difficult
    • I have not activated my iPhone yet with AT&T

    7 How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your iPhone overall?
    • Very satisfied
    • Somewhat satisfied
    • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
    • Somewhat dissatisfied
    • Very dissatisfied

    8 If you delayed activating your iPhone with AT&T, which item best describes the reason for the delay?

    • I am using the iPhone for its other features, but not as a phone
    • I am waiting for my existing plan to expire before activating with AT&T
    • I plan to but have not gotten around to it yet
    • There is something wrong with the phone and it doesn't work
    • I don't know how to activate my phone service
    • I am having difficulty establishing a service contract with AT&T
    • My phone was lost or stolen
    • I am using the iPhone with a carrier other than AT&T
    • I gave away or plan to give away the iPhone
    • I sold or plan to sell my unused iPhone
    • I returned the iPhone for a refund
    • Not applicable
    • Other, please specify:

    9 How likely are you to recommend the iPhone to your friends and family?

    • Very likely
    • Somewhat likely
    • Neither likely nor unlikely
    • Somewhat unlikely
    • Very unlikely

    I know is a futile dream, but I would love for Apple to open up the iPhone to all carries.

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    That can just be referring to iPhones that are legally unlocked in the UK and Germany that use O2 or T-Mobile.
    8GB Apple iPhone

    Firmware 1.1.3 w/ 4.6 Bootloader
    Fully unlocked.

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