Hey guys,

Love this forum first off, and God bless Carlos. Anyways, I used to have a T-MObile Wing, and I used the wiFi to go online and i used the prestocked messaging client known and was logged onto AIM and started chatting. A month later, I get a bill for 50 dollars worth of text messages, and it showed up as each instant message that was sent to me while chatting and the ones i replied.

Flash forward to today, now I have an Iphone Unlocked and is using it with USA T-Mobile, and I also have the chatmobile software i installed, so I am wondering if i was to log on AIM with it and begin chatting, would i get charged for text messaging like I did with the wing?? only differences is wing was an official tmobile phone with built in software for instant messaging and the iphone is the total opposite being an ATT phone and did not have a built in instant messaging software. what do you think? I would love to experiment but i do not have the money to pay when the bill comes because i am on the add a line deal thing so its only about 10 bucks a month. help!! thanks