Anyone know of a plist or something that could fix this issue that bothers me? Basically the iphone doesn't act like ipod's used to in the sense that when you pause/stop playing and leave it for hours it doesn't restart where it left off.

Therefore, when I put my iphone in my pocket in the morning and hit the home button and press play with the headphones it almost always starts to play the first song (alphabetically) and it doesn't shuffle, thus it just goes through my songs A-Z. I have to pull it out of my pocket and choose Songs > Shuffle Songs and then it's good to go.

Basically it's annoying hearing the same shit everyday until I have a minute to ruffle through my pocket to hit shuffle. Is there a file that could be edited that would make it start to play my songs, but shuffle them automatically?

I doubt there's a way to make it do as ipods did (restart where left off). I notice it only does this when the phone has slept for a while. If I stop/restart playing within hours of last use it usually picks up where it left off like the ipods, though not always. Basically where's the always shuffle option?

Anyone have more info on how this works and where it could be changed?