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if you find him, go at him with razor blades and lemon juice
And don't forget the salt and super-hot chillis also make it known to the low down scum, that he will forever have to live in fear of other iPhone owners. If only there was a way to find him. Hang on, if you know your iPhones serial number and either yourself, or in the future, the thief, installed Customize v.2 then good old Spicy Chicken could theoretically log that serial and again, theoretically find out the location that the phone is used the most. I guess it's worth a shot to email Spicy Chicken with your phones serial. I know that I'm living in a dream world here, but if he could log locations, he could pass that info onto the police and maybe we could all live happily ever after. I guess you already said though that the police are next to useless, but we can dream can't we.

Possible future security app in the making??

Sorry for falling into the trap of wishing it were an ideal world, and once again, sorry for your loss.