I bought the applecare for my iphone which i've ended up unlocking. Unfortunately, to activate applecare, it checks to see if the phone has been activated on AT&T. Mainly, I've generally had very good experiences with applecare and my other mac products, but given the "questionable" use (from the apple pov), I can see how they might not want to .... in any case ....

Any ideas about activating Applecare with the iPhone on an unlocked iPhone? When you try to activate applecare it says that the Iphone you are using has not been activiated. Am I just out of luck (since I already opened up the applecare package)? Some options that I've thought about are:

i current have an unlocked iPhone running 1.0.2 but still have the AT&T simcard.

1. Revirginize my iPhone to 1.0.2. (once the dev team revirginizer is out) and either activate using AT&T, activate Applecare, and then go through whatever process to cancel AT&T within 3 day.

2. Revirginize my iPhone to 1.0.2 and activate using the no-monthly fee (I read about this somewhere for those who don't pass a credit check or don't provide Soc. Sec. # or something - not sure what this entails) and then activate Applecare.

3. Wait until the phone needs a service and then try to see if there are other solutions available. For instance, restoring back to factory default, re-virginizing, putting in the at&t sim and going back to applecare.

4. After my t-mobile phone contract expires and then get on AT&T plan using a revirginized iphone while hoping that nothing go amiss before then.

5. Just try to sell my Applecare via craigslist to someone who wants it.

Any other folks figured out this one?