My friend has a problem with his iPhone and I wanted some ideas as to what is causing it!

When the iPhone is put on its dock and ONLY when its put in the dock it occassionaly comes up with the "this accessory is not made for iPhone..." message.

We are talking about it happening 3 times over a period of 7 days- it does not occur everytime the phone is in the dock and it has never occurred any other time. There are no other problems.

The phone is under warranty and unlocked using pwnage though I do not believe that has anything to do with the error.

It does have a protective skin on it but the issue didn't happen until 3 days afterthe skin was put on the phone.

Of course he can relock and restore it and return it to be fixed but the issue is that it seems totally random and unrelated to anything else! Unless the dock itself is faulty ( but I put my phone in it and had no messages) then I am at a loss!

He has NOT restored it since the message appeared because it appears so rarely and even if he restores then it may be another 3 days before the message appears again IF it even does!

Any suggestions? Thanks!