Two weeks ago I had an unfortunate accident with my iPhone 4. When I stopped for a cup of coffee, before entering the car I put the phone on top of it but forgot to take it with me inside. As we drove off I saw something falling and immediately realized what happened. We were going slow so we stopped right after it had fallen and I ran after it. To my dismay I was just in time to watch an 18 wheeler truck run it over. The cover I had just flew away and the phone stood there on the pavement screen facing down. As it says in the thread's title, its screen was completely shattered. To my surprise the back of it was spotless. My conclusion is that the cover got the blunt of the force.

Anyway, I connected the phone to the computer and it registers in the My Computer section and I can see the removable device. I can't access it because I can't enter my unlock code. I tried using iFunbox but it requires itunes. I installed it (fresh windows install) but I have the same problem.

Anyone know how I can do this?