I think that apple won't move too much to disable any unblocking scheme until next year.


Because they want to sell a ton of iphones. A LOT of people around the world want to buy/use an iPhone and they can't because of this silly apple/at&t deal. If the iPhone is unlocked (by software or hardware, they don't care), they will sell iphones like hot cakes. It will be easly the #1 gift for this christmas in every country around the world. They will be sold out on stores. Also, this is why apple lowered their price, to sell more and more and more.
If it keeps locked to at&t, they are loosing market share to LG, Motorola, etc.

So I really doubt that apple will move very fast to re-lock the iphone software.

Also, if AT&T wants to keep up in USA, they can give better/more services to the package or lower their price. So in the end, everyone wins.

My thoughts...

(sorry for some english errors)