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Discuss About iPhonesimfree.. at the General -; I'm not saying its fake or anything but the fact is that they are so ...
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    Default About iPhonesimfree..

    I'm not saying its fake or anything but the fact is that they are so inundated with orders that they hardly have time to update thier website to put people's doubts to rest and atleast post some concrete info about thier fabled software, all they have is a half-assed faq and nothing more
    Ohh they expect me to believe resellers who themselves have no clue about WTF is going on!

    They've gone the wholesale way, 'cause that way they think they're out of legal trouble (well sort of) and secondly they expect people to install the app on thier iphones and then logon to IPSF servers to activate it....this part is the most absurd and ridiculous cause any party selling magical software will require servers with loads of bandwidth to make sure the activation process works for all those millions of people crying for an unlock but they hardly even have a decent website.

    Even Apple had problems with the online activation/registration process when the iphones came out. I doubt IPSF have all infrastructure in place to even go about this operation.
    Well I'm not jumping onto this train, I'm gonna sit on the fence and watch the scene carefully, also can anyone let me know if the unlock licence can be used multiple times on the same iphone?

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    CMON. there r millions of other threads where u cud have posted that. ffs we need modreators to clean this mess up. making this amazing forum just a mess with ifukinphonesimfree threads.



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