Hello everyone! I am out of solutions. 12+ hours trying to fix this iPhone 3gs is killing me!. Okay So here's the situation: I jailbroke my iphone 3gs with 4.1 fw and 4.1 blobs and 4.1 shsh. I upgraded to 5.1.1 with a new BR...Stupid mistake. Didn't really read it! Anyway, I somehow installed the newer base onto this older one! I tried restoring itunes with tiny umbrella, tried ifaith, redsn0w, EVERYTHING! It's killing me! I don't want to pay for a new logic board >< Is there anyone out there with some knowledge they would be willing to give? Everytime I try to restore the Iphone 3gs it will restore but go to just a white screen and I have to hold the home and sleep button until it stops. After it stops, it goes straight into DFU mode. Thank you in advance! This is the only xmas gift I want!