1. There are still no software unlock for out of the box iPhone 1.1.2 with bootloader 4.6 by the time I posted.
2. The site, including, and so many others, claiming to have out of the box iPhone unlock is fake. They are basically scam. Check out the news here. I do not recommend to buy any of these softwares that claims to unlock out of the box iPhone.

3. As I mentioned earlier, there will be a Playstation emulator coming up. Now, it is released and can be found in Installer of your iPhone. The performance looks good. You can take a look of the video demonstration here.

4. There is a new MeCAA patch available here. This new patch works natively and greatly under iPhone 1.1.2. I will write a short tutorial on how to use custom ringtone easily.

5. It is still unclear on new firmware 1.1.3 release day. Hence, for the out of the box iPhone 1.1.2 software unlock, you still have to wait.

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